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This pair of hands

These hands are stuck in my head. Whose hands? I have felt them. I feel them. They are bigger than mine. Masculine. I know them. The callouses are smooth and the fingers long and straight until they clasp closed, entwined in mine. The tension pulls me. Or I’m pulling. Nothing moves but the stranger hands that hold my flesh together and pull me up by the ears and stroke my hair as I search blindly for a face, a body.


Protests in Hong Kong are continuing after tens of thousands of people defied calls for them to dismantle their camps and return home.
Demonstrations grew after police tried to disperse crowds using batons and tear gas. Riot police later withdrew.
The pro-democracy protesters are angry at China for limiting their choice in Hong Kong’s 2017 leadership elections.
Sep29 2014

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There’s no way to be in good faith on this island anymore.

— Zadie Smith, in a new piece for the New York Review of Books, on finding your beach. (via mcnallyjackson)

Of course zadie smith expresses in writing what I can only think and feel

bringin myself back


this is one of the greatest interactions in human history

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Rape, condemnation, and literature: Alt Lit’s most shameful episode (by Luna Miguel) →


—Your friend’s name is Stephen Tully Dierks, right?
—Yea, why?
—Because on Gawker he’s being accused of raping a young female writer.

This morning my husband woke me up with a piece of news that’s been terrible for our community. News that made my heart beat so fast, first out of confusion,…

Actually a really nice thing to say to someone you care about

Actually a really nice thing to say to someone you care about

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About a month ago, Sophia Katz told me she was raped by a former friend and roommate of mine when she visited New York this past May. Yesterday, she published a piece chronicling the sexual abuse she experienced that week, using a pseudonym for her rapist. I shared the piece on multiple…

So brave